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SwimPunx - Up The Trunks

Wes Weber
20 July
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[UMBC Solidarity Coalition][UMBC Brew Not Bombs]

I'm 22
I'm on AIM more than LJ: "ReginaldBuxley".
I run a distro
I brew my own beer/cider/soda
I want to make this world a better place
acapella, against me, against me!, anarchy, angelic upstarts, anti flag, anti-flag, anti-war, arbutus, astronomy, atom and his package, b-more, baltimore, band of dans, bel air, belle & sebastion, belle and sebastian, big cities, cap n jazz, catonsville, coffeehouses, college, computers, dc shows, dead milkmen, defiance ohio, die toten hosen, diy, dj, drugs, drugs and alcohol, dumpster diving, dumpsters, dvds, el guapo, electronics, elvis costello, equality, fistolo, flaming lips, food, free trade, freezepop, fugazi, getting lost, ghost mice, glass pipe, good music, good will, grrls, harford, indie, irix, iron maiden, jello biafra, john flansburgh, john linnell, kinkos, kompressor, legal alternatives, liberty spikes, linux, m to the d, maryland, mc frontalot, md, mischief brew, mohawks, monkey shooters, mp3s, mu330, music, mythology, nofx, offspring, oi, oi polloi, one reason, operation ivy, oxymoron, peace, photography, pinkerton thugs, pirate radio, pirates, plan-it-x, pogues, politics, pouges, pro-choice, punk, quasi, radio, rosa, ryan harvey, sage francis, salvia, salvia divinorum, science fiction, sgi, sharpies, shows, silkscreens, ska, ska king crab, slc punk, slow gherkin, smoke, stereo total, subhumans, synth-pop, techno, technogeek, the apples in stereo, the clash, the dead kennedies, the devotchkas, the epoxies, the max levine ensemble, the mountain goats, the pinkerton thugs, the quails, the specials, the unseen, the weakerthans, they might be giants, thrift store, thursday, tmbg, tom frampton, umbc, underage drinking, unix, unixpunx, veganism, vinyl, vroom, weakerthans, web design, willy wonka, wmbc, writing, zines