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Date:2008-11-05 13:03

(1:00:52 PM) **WesWork**: my brain just won't wake up
(1:01:08 PM) **WesWork**: 1 cup of coffee, 1 diet dew, 1 cup of hot black tea, half a cup of iced green tea
(1:01:38 PM) Brian Stewart: sweet jesus
(1:02:33 PM) **WesWork**: The confectionery king with a crown of candy corn
(1:02:48 PM) **WesWork**: apparently I'm still hilarious though
(1:03:02 PM) Brian Stewart: hahahaha

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Date:2008-09-22 17:19

(5:16:43 PM) Martine Q2: oh by the way
(5:16:48 PM) Martine Q2: you have a huge package
(5:17:01 PM) Wes[aim]: ::muffled laughter::

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Date:2008-07-29 13:50

(1:48:32 PM) EOLMatt: haha the 'internet is a series of tubes' senator got indicted for corruption
(1:48:50 PM) Wes[aim]: hahahah, guess his job just went........
(1:48:50 PM) Wes[aim]: ....
(1:48:51 PM) Wes[aim]: ....
(1:48:53 PM) Wes[aim]: DOWN THE TUBES!
(1:49:11 PM) EOLMatt: LMAO
(1:49:13 PM) EOLMatt: hahahahahah

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Date:2008-04-07 22:19
Subject:Let's do this.

The network is shit.
How many times does your connection go out a day?
Maybe 5.

Think about it. It's basic fundamentals.
Think about what the network does.
In the entire organic part of it all - what is the network?
Not pipes. Not tubes. Veins. Yes. Veins.
Think about how maybe times a day you could stand to have your heart stop for a second or two.
God forbid Your brain.
Now think about what that translates to.


It's fundamental.
Our network is sick.
And it needs to be healed.

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Date:2008-03-06 11:10

(11:02:16 AM) Wes[Gtalk]: THEORY!
(11:02:30 AM) Bill: ?
(11:02:36 AM) Wes[Gtalk]: We start a company where we boost office morale by bringing in baked goods and "down home favorites"
(11:02:42 AM) Bill: haha
(11:02:56 AM) Wes[Gtalk]: And we ring the lunch bell and make everyone stop working
(11:03:00 AM) Bill: enough of the starbucks, enough of breakfasts provided by vending machines
(11:03:33 AM) Bill: i volunteer myself to undergo a series of operations to become an overweight middleaged woman from Georgia
(11:03:48 AM) Bill: hahah

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Date:2008-02-19 15:26

(3:23:45 PM) bizzle-bobby: you know the fractured prune?
(3:24:03 PM) Wes[aim]: ...........
(3:24:09 PM) Wes[aim]: algorithm?
(3:25:06 PM) bizzle-bobby: no
(3:25:13 PM) bizzle-bobby: the omfgamazing donut place
(3:25:19 PM) Wes[aim]: hahaha
(3:25:19 PM) Wes[aim]: no
(3:25:27 PM) bizzle-bobby: oh
(3:25:27 PM) bizzle-bobby: well
(3:25:30 PM) bizzle-bobby: its omfgamazing
(3:25:36 PM) Wes[aim]: I was picturing a binary search tree w/ like - less than greater than branches
(3:25:41 PM) Wes[aim]: and you "pruned" the tree as you traversed it
(3:25:42 PM) bizzle-bobby: lol
(3:25:45 PM) bizzle-bobby: kekekeke
(3:25:45 PM) bizzle-bobby: ...
(3:25:46 PM) Wes[aim]: to make it smaller/quicker to look @

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Date:2008-02-06 10:33

(10:32:40 AM) Wes[aim]: haha yesterday I used :u in response to a shocking IM
(10:32:48 AM) Wes[aim]: then they said something double shocking right after and I did 8u
(10:32:50 AM) Wes[aim]: it was fucking awesome
(10:32:53 AM) Wes[aim]: EMOTICONS ROLL OUT
(10:32:58 AM) EOLMatt: hahahaha

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Date:2008-01-19 12:27

(12:21:36 PM) Reggie Bux: I kind of want to make fake band stickers
(12:21:44 PM) Reggie Bux: for different bands
(12:22:02 PM) Reggie Bux: EXPLOSION IS NIGH
(12:22:27 PM) Reggie Bux: Kneebuster
(12:22:35 PM) Reggie Bux: This Kite is a flight bomb
(12:22:43 PM) Reggie Bux: Later'man
(12:22:55 PM) Reggie Bux: The Jergs!
(12:23:04 PM) Reggie Bux: The Rhineways
(12:23:09 PM) Reggie Bux: The Rhine Rivers
(12:23:12 PM) Reggie Bux: The Riverdaves
(12:23:22 PM) Reggie Bux: Richard Simmons and the Sweats
(12:23:42 PM) Reggie Bux: Camel Kools Cause Cool Kids to Croak
(12:23:55 PM) Reggie Bux: Camuel,Kools
(12:24:00 PM) Ryan Q. Z.: haha
(12:24:07 PM) Reggie Bux: Rufftafarians
(12:24:20 PM) Reggie Bux: no no This kite is a test run
(12:24:51 PM) Reggie Bux: THIS KITE IS A TEST RUN - We just play ska covers of green day and folk punk covers of operation ivy
(12:25:01 PM) Reggie Bux: Gross! Mice!
(12:25:15 PM) Reggie Bux: Defiance, Ohio, was a shitty movie
(12:25:26 PM) Reggie Bux: Plant it Rex
(12:25:35 PM) Reggie Bux: Bad Bastardnaut
(12:25:42 PM) Reggie Bux: The Scene
(12:25:45 PM) Reggie Bux: The UnScene
(12:26:15 PM) Ryan Q. Z.: haha
(12:26:24 PM) Reggie Bux: and.....Rigamortis Raccoon [metal band]
(12:26:25 PM) Ryan Q. Z.: you're out of control
(12:26:34 PM) Reggie Bux: haha More like Operation Out of Control

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Date:2008-01-15 10:59

Hey Guys!!

My work is looking for 2-3 new Software Developers. I'm not going to lie - it'll prob be a "large" learning curve (we use about ~6 systems, all of which you'll need to get to "know of") but the atmosphere is super lax, you can take hour lunch breaks, etc. All they ask is you get your work done and done on time.

You don't really need to know any languages per-say, but knowing at least a little C#, Perl (if you are going to say you know perl, make sure you REALLY know it, hint, study regexs), SQL would really help get your foot in the door.

So yeah. If you think you'd like a decent paying job (it'll pay the bills, but you won't be living on wall*street) then drop me a line/your resume.

If you don't know my e-mail, IM me or something and I'll give it to you.



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Date:2008-01-11 20:30

(8:24:30 PM) I dun gone 'zerk: shhh im plotting
(8:26:18 PM) Reggie Bux: you know, the word "plotting" doesn't really define out to what people think it means
(8:26:36 PM) Reggie Bux: I mean at the best match it's like - when you lay out data in a table or something
(8:27:37 PM) Reggie Bux: you plot
(8:28:18 PM) Reggie Bux: I think it had to do with like
(8:28:26 PM) Reggie Bux: I forget who - but surfs maybe? no that's not right
(8:28:46 PM) Reggie Bux: like I dunno, you got land from the gov't in the dark ages or maybe the romans or something - ANYWAY - you got land and you had to measure it out
(8:28:47 PM) Reggie Bux: to do so
(8:28:48 PM) Reggie Bux: was to plot
(8:29:02 PM) Reggie Bux: I mean, I guess /today/ people use it to mean "I'm devising a plan"
(8:29:08 PM) Reggie Bux: but isn't that really just a contraction of a phrase?
(8:29:21 PM) Reggie Bux: doo doo doo

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Date:2008-01-08 10:57

You hate the options they present to you
And everything is owned by someone lame.
Here`s a lesson how to deal with corporatization:
Stick it to the man because the man don`t own your face.

Grow a beard and a `stache.
Move out to the woods.
Do the H.D. Thoreau-thing and start feeling good.
Disconnect the phones and sever all the credit cards.

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Date:2008-01-07 12:37

And if I was Santa Claus, I'd fight for the cause
Wouldn't expect nothing in return
I'd give you everything you want, I'd be everything you need
And you can take my hand and I can take the lead

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Date:2008-01-04 12:11

(12:02:18 PM) Wes[aim]: how is wetwear looking these days
(12:03:37 PM) EOLMatt: lol
(12:03:50 PM) EOLMatt: i hear there are some bad neurovirii out there nowadays
(12:03:56 PM) EOLMatt: also, be careful of the russians
(12:04:15 PM) EOLMatt: don't overload your storage either
(12:04:25 PM) Wes[aim]: EZ-COMPRESS
(12:04:35 PM) EOLMatt: DISKDOUBLER
(12:04:47 PM) EOLMatt: MEMMAKER.EXE
(12:10:44 PM) Wes[aim]: Please execute only the appropriately authorized applications while initializing the proper propriety peripherals to gain completion of your tasks at hand.

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Date:2008-01-02 22:52

(10:50:06 PM) Reggie Bux: I also downloaded a primus album off eMusic
(10:50:31 PM) Reggie Bux: primus (imo) was at the only point when this type of music was good
(10:50:42 PM) Reggie Bux: plus, all that bass slapping
(10:50:48 PM) Reggie Bux: visualizers LOVE IT
(10:51:43 PM) Jer: QFT
(10:51:50 PM) Jer: all of it.

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Date:2008-01-02 22:49

(10:48:31 PM) Jer: _.-=-._ Jer Has Loaded Fate X 3.0_.-=-._

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Date:2008-01-01 02:27

In 2008 I've already seen:
*A man being kicked and beaten in the middle of the street
*A car accident at 2am

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Date:2007-12-30 12:32

I feel like I can find beauty in almost everything. But the problem with beauty is that sometimes it's sad, depressing, pathetic or disturbing. That's the biggest thing the world tends to forget. Nothing is single sided.

When I get a new record in the mail and throw it on my turntable, the vocals are scratchy, the drums must have been in the other room and I think this is suppose to be played at 30 1/5th rpm. But you know what? They've got energy. And that's all that matters to me.

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Date:2007-12-26 16:08

(4:05:05 PM) **WesWork**: there are 2 verizon trucks outside....glad I don't have DSL
(4:05:36 PM) Sn00pzMcFingergain: maybe they are installing, it is the day after christmas and all
(4:05:59 PM) **WesWork**: maybe...but these are bucket trucks - not vans
(4:06:04 PM) **WesWork**: and two?
(4:06:07 PM) **WesWork**: and one has been out there since ~12
(4:06:22 PM) **WesWork**: OH MAN! tehre are THREE NOW
(4:06:25 PM) **WesWork**: I'm not making this up
(4:07:03 PM) Sn00pzMcFingergain: haha, looks like they figured out someone left a window open and are out of town for the holidays

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Date:2007-12-26 10:25

(10:21:08 AM) SOME COWORKER: dont worry i'll just im you in emergencies
(10:21:16 AM) SOME COWORKER: fire, evacuation, earthquake etc.
(10:21:30 AM) **WesWork**: Oh, no problem, I'll make sure to ignore you when you IM me :-)
(10:21:55 AM) SOME COWORKER: ok, so you want me to find where u sit.
(10:22:01 AM) **WesWork**: Haha
(10:22:18 AM) **WesWork**: You should already know that! Plus, I took Office Hiding 101 as an elective in college.
(10:22:22 AM) **WesWork**: I'm pretty sneaky.
(10:23:16 AM) SOME COWORKER: the one person you responded to...has been testing my patience all morning.....
(10:23:26 AM) **WesWork**: haha I figured.
(10:23:31 AM) **WesWork**: she seems quick to reply
(10:23:45 AM) **WesWork**: would you like me to ask the help-desk to remove her completely from our network?
(10:23:55 AM) SOME COWORKER: ....:x
(10:23:56 AM) **WesWork**: I can have her lotus notes deleted like *that* [snaps fingers]
(10:24:01 AM) SOME COWORKER: lol

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Date:2007-12-25 11:54

(11:45:26 AM) Reggie Bux: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5-pi8bnuh0 lol, the "chicken little of presidents"
(11:48:13 AM) Jordans Steak House: lol
(11:48:26 AM) Reggie Bux: it's 8min long
(11:48:28 AM) Reggie Bux: but so worth it
(11:48:35 AM) Reggie Bux: it's like 8 minutes of bashing and I lvoe it
(11:49:21 AM) Jordans Steak House: this guy is pissed
(11:49:27 AM) Reggie Bux: I knowwww
(11:49:29 AM) Reggie Bux: he's basically me
(11:49:33 AM) Reggie Bux: but more well spoken
(11:50:13 AM) Reggie Bux: I'm kind of surprised they let him say all this
(11:50:21 AM) Jordans Steak House: who is this
(11:50:29 AM) Reggie Bux: they prob aired it during low viewing
(11:50:39 AM) Reggie Bux: Keith Olbermann
(11:50:57 AM) Reggie Bux: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/
(11:51:20 AM) Reggie Bux: LOL @ 8.18min

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